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Why You Need One Paso?

The following are the most common factors

leading to people reaching out to One paso. 

Executive Function


Organizational challenges can be a common struggle for students. It's important to develop strategies to help with organizing class materials, keeping track of homework, and approaching writing assignments and long-term projects. Some helpful tips include creating a schedule, breaking down tasks into smaller steps, and utilizing organizational tools such as planners or apps. With practice and persistence, these challenges can be overcome.


One common reason people reach out to OnePaso is for help with self-regulation. This can manifest in a variety of ways, such as difficulty down to do work, poor relationships with others, or giving up easily on challenging tasks. Our team understands the importance of approaching these challenges with patience and understanding, and we work together with our clients to create a positive and supportive environment that helps them thrive.

Academic Challenges

Academic challenges can be tough, especially when it comes to persistence and study habits. Many students struggle with starting or completing assignments, leading to poor test results and lost credit for late submissions. Effective note-taking skills can also be a challenge. But with the right support and guidance, these obstacles can be overcome.

Educational Therapy

The most common reasons why people reach out to One Paso for educational therapy are academic, social, or emotional challenges. Middle schoolers and high schoolers often need help with organization, time management, and study skills. College students may require support with transitioning to college life, managing stress, and developing effective study habits. Young adult professionals may seek assistance with career development and workplace challenges. Adults may benefit from educational therapy for career changes, continuing education, or personal growth.

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